Rupp Marine 18' Single Spreader Outrigger Pole - Pair - Silver Spreader

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Rupp Marine Standard Rupprigger 18 ft Single Spreader Pole - Pair- Includes federal excise tax Included

1.5" Diameter

Single Spreader Standard outrigger poles have a base diameter of 1.50″ and are designed to work with Rupp Standard lift-out or Compact Series of outrigger bases such as the Sidekick.

This is a three piece pole with tapered reductions in each section, differing from our standard five piece Top Gun pole. A bit heavier but more durable than Top Gun poles. Available as a bare (no spreaders) or single spreader pole in 15', 18' and 20' lengths. Includes bottom reinforced collar with PVC isolator sleeve for easy removal. The best combination of performance and style. Advanced patented designs and state-of-the-art components offer the ultimate in strength and durability. Made of cold-drawn aluminum, stepped and tapered for good looks and solid performance. Available with silver or gold spreaders and collars.

Single spreader outrigger poles are NOT recommended for use with Rupp Top Gun outrigger base due to their size and weight. 

*Each pair is made to order. Lead times vary depending on the time of year.