Rupp Marine Big Rigg Three Spreader 42' to 44'

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Rupp Marine Big Rig Three Spreader 42' to 44' - Price Includes Federal Excise Tax.

Precision engineered design features coupled with Rupp’s highest quality materials come together in this innovative product line to create a longer, stronger outrigger for today’s larger, faster sportfishers.  Bigg Riggs are the outrigger of choice for many custom sportfishing manufacturers for boats over 50 feet.

Bigg Riggs are made of larger diameter tubing for the next generation of RuppRiggers. The large tube diameter provides greater strength, while a thinner wall keeps the weight down.  Rupp Bigg Riggs are the LIGHTEST and STRONGEST (per foot) aluminum outrigger available on the market.

Available in triple spreader riggers to 44’ and four spreader models to 50’.

  1. Three Spreader 39’ to 41'   A3-0012-BR
  2. Three Spreader 42’ to 44’  A3-0014-BR
  3. Four Spreader 45’ to 47’    A4-0012-BR
  4. Four Spreader 48’ to 50’    A4-0014-BR
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