Rudows Guide to Rockfish

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You wantßto catch more and bigger striped bass- every time you cast a line? That's whatßthis book is all about?there are no stories- no BS about sunrises and companionship- just hard-core how-to fishing information. Tactics- tackle- baits- tidal influences- seasonality- water quality and literally hundreds of other factors that affect the bite are covered in explicit detail. The book starts by digging deeply into behavior patterns of stripers- then connects their mannerisms and preferences with tackle- tactics- and techniques- so you understand what works best- when- where- and why. Many of the rigs and tactics included in this book have never before been seen in print- and are backed up with easy to understand diagrams and pictures (checkßa fewßout if you like- on the Free Tips page of this web site.) No matter where or how you like to fish- if you read this book you'll catch more stripers?period.
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