Red Devil Bionic Minnow 3" Pearl - Ten Pack

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Specification: 3" - 10 Baits/Pack


It’s well known that Paddle Tail Swimbaits are among the most successful soft plastic baits on the market today attracting all species of fish in all water conditions. Our Bionic Minnow stands above all others in the market with superior softness, unprecedented life-like action and our specialty StretchTech® Technology for lasting durability.

Our laser focus on all “Performance Factors” of Appearance, Action, Smell and Taste is evident in this award winning design of the Bionic Minnow by Red Devil Baits. 

The Bionic Minnow design boasts life-like angled texturing down both sides and our signature Top and Bottom “Fins” that add to the baits stability in both slow and rapid retrievals. Our tail design is specifically engineered to provide extraordinary live action and superior strength through our StretchTech® Technology to prevent the tail from being easily ripped off by even the most aggressive fish attacks. Each Package of 6 (six) Bionic Minnows is drenched in our proven attractant to ensure the bait performs on both Smell and Taste performance factors.

The Bionic Minnow is going to catch you fish and deserves a prominent place in your tackle box. Enjoy the difference of Red Devil Baits!

Color: Pearl Junkie® - Pearl White (Immolates a white glow in the water. Great for clear water in both sunny and cloudy skies)

Example Rigging:

Weightless Texas Rig

Swim Jig Trailer

Gear Recommendations:

Reel: Baitcast or Spincast 7:1-8:1

Rod: 6’ Medium Power Moderate Action

Line: 15-20lb Braided Line w/ 10-15lb Flurocarbon Leader

Hook: 2/0, 3/0 EWG Hook

Product Specification:

Length: 3”

Pack Size: 10 Pack

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