Racor Spin-On Fuel Filter/Water Separator RAC 320RRAC01

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Fuel contamination, either in the form of dirt, sludge or water will always find its way into your fuel system. With modern engines now injecting fuel over 2500 bar/36000 psi, and injector tolerances measured in microns, it’s not surprising that even a small amount of dirt or water corrosion can start a major problem. Water or particulates can cause microscopic surface damage, which is then focused on by the high pressure flow, to cause significant wear which will eventually lead to reduced efficiency and complete injector break-down.

Every time you squeeze the fuel dispensing trigger, you threaten your engine’s life. No matter how carefully fuel is handled or stored, dirt, rust, gums, algae, and water are going to find their way in. Racor fuel filter/water separators with Aquabloc® media effectively remove damaging water and solids, allowing engines to run with more power and greater efficiency. Install a Racor mounting head, and spin-on a Racor fuel filter/water separator, for the life of your engine.

How They Work:

Racor Diesel Spin-on Series filters use Aquabloc® media to reliably remove dirt and water from diesel and gasoline. Aquabloc® media is pleated, corrugated, and arranged for optimum water rejection and longest service life. Fuel entering the filter head is diverted downward past the vertical media pleats, allowing larger water droplets and contamination particles to fall directly to the collection bowl. Smaller water droplets converge and coalesce on the specially treated media surface until they are large enough to also drop to the collection bowl. Small contamination particles are stopped at the surface of the Aquabloc® media, while even smaller particles are held deeper in the media layers. The result is the driest, cleanest motor fuel available for your engine.


These fuel filter/water separators are designed for high performance applications, and will help your diesel or gasoline engine perform better than ever with clean, water-free fuel. The mounting head and filter body are protected with a durable electrostatically applied powder coating for superior corrosion resistance. This spin-on filter design is simple to service, and the reusable clear engineering plastic or metal contaminant collection bowls feature a self-venting drain or metal plug, for draining out collected solid contaminants and water.

• Standard clear engineering plastic contaminant collection bowl with drain valve
• Available aluminum alloy contaminant collection bowl
• High contaminant holding capacity replaceable elements provide long service life
• Corrosion-resistant coatings and construction
• Aquabloc® media is standard
• Hand priming pump available on diesel only models. Units with electric pumps (700 Series, not listed here) available
• Gasket and o-ring materials designed for use in diesel or gasoline
• The Parker global support and distribution network ensures that you can find our products where ever you are in the world
• Product is built in an ISO TS 16949 quality system environment to ISO 14001 Environmental requirements.
• Clear bowls in gasoline systems are a routine inspection item: Inspect for damage, deformation, and discoloration often, and replace as necessary

How to choose the correct fuel filter:

1. Choose mounting type. (One small filter model is available as an in-line unit)

2. Choose “cold weather” heater type or none. Electric heaters are for heating static fuel as a starting aid and may not supply enough fuel flow for full-load operation. Filters with coolant heaters can heat and supply fuel at full flow for full-load engine operation. Heaters are NOT to be used in gasoline applications.

3. Select total flow rate through the fuel system (gpm or lpm)

4. Choose bowl material; engineering plastic or aluminum alloy. Aluminum is for high heat locations and enclosed gasoline applications.

5. Choose hand primer feature or none. The plunger type priming pump is manually operated vertically like a piston and has no diaphragm. The button type priming pump is operated with your palm and uses a diaphragm.

6. If available, choose bowl type; standard or deep. The 6120/4120 and 6125/4125 filters are identical in performance but the 6120/4120 units have high capacity deep bowls. The 6125/4125 filters use the 400/600 series bowl, compatible with the 400/600 series product line.

7. Choose the micron rating of the Aquabloc® media. 10 and 30 micron elements recommended for primary applications and “2” micron for secondary, final filter applications.

8. Choose port size; Standard US or Metric if available.

9. You can also make Attribute selections in any order


• Power Generation
• On or off Highway
• Truck and Bus
• Construction
• Agriculture
• Any Diesel or Gasoline engine filtration application


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