R&R Live Bait Bucket for Sailfish Goggle Eye and Threadfin Baits

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Alltackle Test Team:

"We recently fishing the Bluewater Movements Final Sail Tournament with the R&R Tackle 6-Hole Bucket Tube with excellent results.  The Bucket worked great and our baits seemed extra happy and strong in the tubes.  Here are some of our observations:

  • Zero Tangles w/ up to 6 Baits
  • Great water circulation
  • The black color seemed to calm the baits.
  • The Oval shape of the tubes fit well with the bait's natural shape

The all new R&R Tackle Live Bait Bucket Tube is an offshore fishing game changer. This comes in 6 tube package in one bucket. Similar to a tuna tube but for smaller baits. The tubes are 12 inches tall and and oval shaped instead of round so your baits do not spin and get tangled. This makes your fishing experience so much better whether you're kite fishing or pitching baits at sailfish, dolphin, Marlin or any other species. Have up to 6 baits ready at all times and tangle free. All you will need to connect the tubes is a 1 inch inlet and a 1.25 inch outlet hose. You will want a pump on the inlet side to push the water through the bucket and aerate your baits. We have had baits live for 16 hours and are even stronger when we take them out.