Penn International VISWS United We Stand Liberty Reel 50# - Silver

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Limited Addition, 1,000 produced, Silver w/ Red, White & Blue Flag spool. United We Stand Engraved

Limited to 1,000 pieces, the PENN® International® 50VISW Liberty reels are built to turn heads on the water or as a piece of patriotic art in the home. Featuring custom America-themed engraving with a spool wrapped in the pattern of Old Glory, the reel comes in a custom-designed, hinged wooden display box.

With a sideplate bearing the inscription of Patrick Henry’s timeless words, “Give me liberty or give me death”, the reel also features the inscription “United We Stand” on top.  The centerpiece features an American Flag themed spool, which has been anodized, hydro-dipped, and ceramic coated so it is safe to fish.

“This was a natural for a storied American brand like PENN,” stated Mike Rice, Category Director for PENN.  “While the reel is safe to fish, we do expect many of them to end up in the display box on the mantles of saltwater sportsmen.”

The PENN International 50VISW Liberty reel is made by our hardworking team at the PENN factory in Philadelphia, PA

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