Moldcraft Wide Range Senior Black/Orange

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The Moldcraft Wide Range lure has helped break several fishing world records. It is usable over a wide range of speeds from 4-14 knots- hence the name. The larger- heavier head gives the lure more stability at high speeds or in rougher waters. Of all the designs in the comprehensive Mold Craft stable of soft head trolling lures- one of the most consistent fish producers is the Wide Range. The Senior Wide Range has an incredible 1742 pound blue marlin to its credit- the 37 kilo class blue marlin of 1189 pounds- as well as plenty of lesser black and blue marlin. The Wide Range is available in three sizes and performs in all conditions from glassy calm to extremely rough. It really shines- however- when there's a bit of chop on the water. The standard Wide Range is 9 1/2 long and would appeal to black and striped marlin- sailfish- tuna- mahi mahi and wahoo. It tracks straight and true and also makes a good light tackle teaser lure. The Senior Wide Range is arguably Australia's most popular Mold Craft lure. Some 12 1/2 in length it is a heavyweight marlin producer without peer- but is not so big that it won't appeal to smaller marlin or other species as well. The Senior Wide Range in purple- black and clear is a very popular combination in Cairns and is an extremely realistic skipjack tuna imitation. Finally- the New Magnum Wide range is a mammoth 17 long and is a giant blue and black marlin special. A word of warning though: unless you're using it as a hookless teaser- this is a lure for 130 class tackle only!
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