Moldcraft Super Chugger Senior Black/Orange

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The Moldcraft Super Chugger lure has a deeply concave head and a long- heavy- reverse tapered body. These refinements make the lure run well in both calm and rough water conditions. The lure can be trolled between 6-14 knots. Chugger-style lures are known for their versatility in a variety of sea conditions and Mold Craft's 'Chugger' range is arguably the best of the lot. Possessing a realistic softness that won't put an attacking billfish off- a radically cupped face and reverse taper means they'll hang in there from live bait speed to 14 knots- shimmer and boogie- and throw out a long contrail of bubbles. The Super Chugger comes in two sizes – Standard and Senior  – and is also available in a luminous color scheme for use after dark on broadbill swordfish- tuna and even sharks. This particular lure (in pink and white) really got the game fishing world talking back in 1992- when it produced a stupendous 1402 pound Atlantic blue marlin off Brazil- so there's no questioning its effectiveness.
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