Maxel Teaser Reel - Silver MTR08S - 2 Pack - Includes 2 Backing Plates

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Black versions are available:

Teaser Reels - Qty 2 with Backing Plates (2)

Model name: MTR08

Available color : Silver


  • Marine Grade Aluminum Frame with Anodized Finish
  • Smooth and Powerful Disc Drag
  • Power Handle
  • T-Shaped Aluminum Locking Drag Knob
  • Dual Mounting Design
  • Can mount to flat surface or round pipe up to 1.38" diameter
  • Holes in the Spool to Tie the Planer Board Line
  • Diameter 8", Net Weight 2.8lb

These can be mounted flat or on tubing up to 1.38".

Note:  Make sure to regularly lubricate the knob threads with light oil or grease.