King Sailfish Mounts - Rainbow Trout Mount - 23"

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Your Rainbow Trout Mount will be a timeless personal reminder; a testimonial to friends and family of your Moment of Victory.  KSM artists are masters of fine detail.  Quality matters....we guarantee that you will see the difference! 

Your Photos/Painting:  We encourage anglers to provide images of their fish whenever possible. This allows our artists to "Authenticate" each mount. Even if your photos are not that great, we can still use them to "Authenticate" your mount by incorporating markings or patterns that are unique to your fish.  If photos are not available, our artists will refer to colorful images of gamefish taken from around the world. 

Striking, Lit-Up Colors are standard on all King Sailfish Mounts. Referencing your last name, email your photos to

To Order your 23-inch Rainbow Trout Mount online, simply scroll down and click the "add to cart" box, at the bottom of this page. Each KSM Fish Mount is lightweight and easy to install, and comes with a built-in balanced hanger.  It's as easy to hang as a picture!