Kasco De-Icer 1HP- 50' cord

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Kasco De-Icers circulate subsurface water (which is warmed by geothermal heat) to the surface to melt ice and prevent its formation. De Icers can be hung from a vessel, dock or other flotation device and positioned to move warmer water from a deeper channel to the shallower area where your boat is moored.

This helps to protect your boat and dock from lifting damage due to "ice jacking" and the shearing and crushing damage caused by ice expansion. Many factors affect the size of the open water area. In general, the 1/2hp model keeps a 50' dia. area from freezing while the 3/4hp model keeps a 75' dia. area ice free.

De Icers may also be used during the summer months to eliminate stagnant water and improve water quality. Motor assemblies are sealed in an oil bath for long life, and feature ball bearings for smooth operation. All exposed metal is made from non-corroding stainless steel. Each assembly includes a 25'L or 50'L power cord designed for low temperatures and a zinc anode for corrosion protection and a grounded three-prong plug. Optional thermostat/controller cycles De-Icer automatically to save energy.

Industrial strength, energy efficient and cost effective

  • Only De-icer that has ETL approval to UL and CSA standards
  • Designed for saltwater use
  • Replaceable power cord
  • Performance propellers designed for each specific model
  • 1750 RPM means longer seal life than the competition
  • Prevent ice damage to boats, docks and shoreline
  • Attract waterfowl in water
  • Prevent oxygen-related winterkills
  • Nationwide product support and service centers
  • Complete, dependable and made in the USA
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