J.O. Spice Crab Kit w/ 4 Awesome Crab Spices

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Crab Seasoning Variety Gift Set

Crab Seasoning Variety Gift Set Contains: 16oz #2 Crab Seasoning, 16oz #2 X-Hot Crab Seasoning, 12oz Barbecue Crab Seasoning, 12oz Black Crab Seasoning What's your favorite crab seasoning flavor profile? Try them all. J.O. #2 Crab Seasoning is the traditional crab house seasoning. J.O. #2 X-Hot Crab Seasoning is for those who can take the heat! J.O.'s Barbecue Crab Seasoning has a hint of BBQ with the traditional crab house flavor and J.O.'s Black Crab is a blend of mustard and black pepper which provides a spicy flavor with the bite of black pepper. Mix them together to make your own custom blend.


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