Island Life Book by Jay Fleming

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THE BOOK : 'Island Life' by Jay Fleming

Photographer Jay Fleming turned his attention to Smith and Tangier Islands - the Chesapeake Bay’s last inhabited ‘water-locked’ islands. Fleming has made countless trips to the islands to document the unique way of life and environment that have been shaped by isolation and the waters of the Chesapeake. This collection of photographs will fill the pages of Fleming’s second book, Island Life. This body work comes at an important time for the islands, as their populations continue to decline and the unrelenting forces of the bay threaten the working working waterfronts that have sustained the communities for centuries. Fleming hopes that his photography will immerse readers in the Island Life and capture a crucial moment in time for the Chesapeake’s most unique communities. 

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Printing Location - Verona, Italy
Size - 10”x12”, 10”x24” when opened
Page Count - 280 Pages