Hi Seas Black Widow 2lb Spool Test: 24 Kg / 50#

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Black Widow has been a favorite with fresh and saltwater anglers since its introduction. It’s a thin-diameter- premium co-polymer monofilament that incorporates multi-color camouflaging technology- so fish don’t see it. But that’s only one of the reasons you’ll love it. Black Widow is a supple line that lies beautifully on any reel and casts with near zero friction. It has low memory- so it won’t coil up after sitting on the reel for extended periods- and it’s a tough line that provides solid fish-fighting performance. For the record conscious angler- it’s I.G.F.A. True-Test rated. Whether you jig for smallmouths- troll for walleyes- plug stripers- or chunk tuna- Black Widow is a proven performer that won’t let you down when the fishing heats up.

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