Ghost Drag Adjustable Line Release

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Stop Fish from Spitting Out the Bait!

GhostDrag minimizes line tension. Open bail fishing is finally possible!
It holds the line in place - but just lightly enough that only a fish can pull it off.
Your reel is now a bait-running reel!
Fish will take your bait and run without feeling the line tighten up. They'll never know they've been caught.
Set your hook and crank 'em in! You'll successfully hook more fish - no more lost lunkers!


  • Easy to Use. With a simple snap on, GhostDrag is ready to go to work in a second.
  • Adjusts to fit your rod. Fits rod sizes 0.37'' to 0.59'' in diameter.
  • Quick-release adjustable hold tension. Within reach of your handle, simply twist the top thumb screw to adjust.
  • Responsive. You can adapt to any fishing conditions you face: weather, wind, tide, live bait and trolling.
  • No more line dumps while you're free-spool fishing.
  • No line tension! With our "controlled free-spool" design, fish don't feel a thing!
  • Saves $ on fishing gear by turning your CURRENT REEL into a BAIT RUNNING REEL.

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