Fraser Optics M25E Stedi-Eye Binoculars Black w/ Pouch - Re-manufactured

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Limited number of these units are being released.  First come, first served so reserve yours now.

These are Re-manufactured units that carry a one year warranty.

Engineered after the M-25 gyro-stabilized binocular sold exclusively to the US
government, the M-25E carries nearly all the special features and functions of its parent
with Touch Pad Stabilization to stay clearly focused on your target. The Fraser Optics’
14x40mm Gyro-Stabilized M-25E engineered with STEDI-EYE® Technology is a MILSPEC, hand-held,
world-class optical viewing device designed for the serious user. For use in the air, on land and on sea, this modular device permits quick change
eyepieces for varying magnifications, rapid touch-pad stabilization, snap-on night vision capability (night vision sold separately), external
power capability and excellent power management permitting over 12 hours of continuous use on only 2 AA batteries. This ruggedized
device is built to perform in the most extreme operational and environmental conditions. When lives are on the line and clear stable vision is
a requirement, there is no substitute for the gyro-stabilized M-25E.

• Advanced gyro-stabilization system
• Touchpad to stabilize
• Up to 98% reduction of image motion
• Fully multi-coated MgFI optics for enhanced light transmission
• Wide field of view
• Scan rate (8º/sec)
• 100% sealed, buoyant, submersible and waterproof
• Shockproof and ruggedized for extreme conditions
• No-slip neoprene cover for added comfort and grip
• Built-in regulator for external power; continuous operation for 12 hours on 2 AA batteries
• One-year warranty

• Magnification…14x
• Objective diameter…40mm
• Exit pupil…3mm
• Field of view (74m @ 1,000m)…4.3º
• Resolution (day)…4.3 Arc seconds
• Stabilization freedom…±8º
• Focus adjustment…±5 diopters
• Scan rate…8º/sec
• Interpupillary adjustment…60-75mm
• Power (internal)…2 AA cells
• Power (external)…6-30 VDC
• Length (day)…8.25" (210mm)
• Width…7.5" (190mm)
• Height…3.5" (89mm)
• Weight (day)…4.5 lbs (2.04kg)

• Neck or hand strap
• External power cord
• Haze and polarizing filters
• Soft protective case
• Customized hard case
• Night vision eyepieces

Fraser Optics products, uniquely engineered with STEDIEYE ® Technology, give professionals and serious users a competitive edge by eliminating motion and enhancing clarity. Only Fraser Optics offers advanced gyro-stabilized products backed by proven performance in military and
law enforcement mission critical operations. All Fraser Optics products have been tested under extreme conditions and are guaranteed to be reliable, precise, and unmatched in operational performance.