Fish Bomb 5oz Can - 24 Pack

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Fishermen have traditionally used chum and other scenting methods to attract fish - mixing- storing- and toting buckets of their favorite recipe. Now armed with The Fish Bomb - a five ounce- shelf-stable- fit-in-your-pocket can of pure menhaden oil fish attractant - you can be more effective. The secret lies in Fish Bomb's state of the art delivery system that disperses fish-luring scent according to your needs. The revolutionary nozzle can be adjusted to release an intermittent or continuous spray at the depth of your choice. And Fish Bomb is fast- easy-to-use- and versatile. This exciting new product can be used in fresh or salt water- whether you are trolling- bottom-fishing- jigging or casting. Fishermen have tried for years- with not much success- to get their chum and scents deep below the surface - Now with the NEW Fish Bomb- they can! The Fish Bomb is easy to use. Simply spray down your lure- attach remainder of can to your trolling or dummy line with swivel- attach desired weight- activate release by pressing to the lock position- and send to desired depth. As the The Fish Bomb can is submerged to the depth of where the fish are- it slowly disperses a large fish attracting menhaden oil slick beneath the surface. Menhaden oil is so smelly and oily that fish can't help but be attracted. Not only does it attract the fish- but stimulates them to feed. No other fish chum or scent gets to the fish as fast and deep as Fish Bomb!

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