Falvey's Guide to Fishing Long Island

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Kevin Falvey details fishing in Long Island’s waters with a species-by-species approach- covering winter and summer flounder- striped bass- bluefish- weakfish- blackfish- black sea bass- porgy- and other species- case-by-case. Each chapter is capped off with custom-marked charts that show anglers the hotspots where they’ll find the fish. The book also includes a comprehensive knot-tying guide with custom illustrations. But Falvey goes even further: he ties the “why” to the “how” for anglers—not only will he tell you where and when to hook into a cow striper- he’ll also tell you why the fish will bite in that specific spot at that specific stage of the tide on that specific lure. Once an angler understands why a fish will bite- he can predict where and when others will—gaining the ability to apply their knowledge to fisheries in other places- at other times. Falvey’s Guide packs generations of fishing experience into its 232 pages- and with 130 pictures and illustrations- makes that know-how easy to understand.
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