Cooler Shield Replacement Hinge for Rubbermaid Coolers - 3 Pack

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Rubbermaid® Coolers. Cooler Shield Hinges have a lifetime guarantee. The hinges are: UV resistant, food safe, recyclable, Made in USA, self lubricating, corrosion resistant. The hinge pin and screws are 316 Stainless Steel. The Rubbermaid® compatible design requires no drilling and the original holes may be used. Hinges feature an auto stop design to a neutral rest position for the lid. The hole positions are 1.25" on center, left to right and top to bottom. Patented. Cooler Shield Replacement Hinges are designed to replace Rubbermaid® factory installed hinges. Cooler Shield Hinges are guaranteed for the life of your cooler. If your Cooler Shield Hinge fail, we will replace them. Type R Hinges are compatible with Rubbermaid® Coolers. Cooler Shield Hinge's unique heavy duty design and lifetime warranty differentiates them from the original factory installed cooler hinge. In stock. Ships immediately. Includes high quality Stainless Steel Screws.

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