Chum King Dispenser

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  • Chum-King™ For the private boater the Chum-King™ has become the number one chumming and bait release product of it's kind on the market. It's a patented system that delivers bait to the zone you are trying to reach. In the past fishermen might hang a bucket from the side of the boat or slowly chunk and toss fish morsels off the stern. In time the bait might drop down and help initiate some feeding behavior. With the Chum-King™ you can drop your bait down to where the fish are instead of trying to draw them up to you. Setting up on structure? Drop the Chum-King™ down and release your fish attracting chum in a controlled fashion to keep the targeted fish species interested. Alternatively you can increase the "dump" of chum to trigger a highly aggressive frenzy response. - Patented bait release mechanism - Scientificallly-designed release mechanism to create an instand feeding response - Sinks rapidly - No cleaning required - Prefessionally used for tuna, grouper, snapper, striped bass and many other fish species There are two primary ways to use the Chum-King™: Slow controlled chum release and Baitfish dump. When chumming underwater, anglers must put their chum in some form of container. When used as a Chummer What separates the Chum-King™ from all the others? It's the only chummer with a patented bait release system You get a prefect flow of chum every time! You DON'T have to clean it! Use the Chum-King™ in place of a net, bag or cage Before putting chum into the Chum-King™, first put weights in the bottom weight chamber. Fill the Chum-King dispenser with your favorite frozen or thawed chum and sink it. You'll want to use a comfortable line 3/16 is fine. Use about 10 ft of extra line to make up for any slack. Keep the Chum-King™ closed while chumming. There's enough holes and was designed to allow small pieces of chum to escape in the closed position See clip Chum exactly like you would with a net, bag or cage. Instead of bringing a messy net back into your boat, simply open the Chum-King™ in the water to remove any excess chum. You should never need a comes out that clean!!!! Never deal with a dirty old bag, net or cage again!!!! Create A Bait Bomb Underwater Partially fill the Chum-King™ with cut bait, live bait, or chunks. As a rule of thumb, use the same bait that you are using on your hook. Sink it in the Closed Position. When the time is right, give a tug on your line and ChumKing's™ patented bait release system will release your bait underwater putting the fish into a feeding frenzy! We recommend removing the Chum-King™ from the water once you've released your bait.

"The Chum-King proved its worth during my latest trip to Bimini. It enabled us to effectively distribute both chunks of bait and live baits throughout the middle and lower levels of the water column, and rally everything from kingfish to snapper. "

George Poveromo
World of Saltwater Fishing TV Show & Senior Editor for 
Salt Water Sportsman publication, Tactics & Tackle column

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