Century Chatham Unlimited 130# 7' Tuna Rod

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Chatham Unlimited
The Century Unlimited 130+ is a fresh look at a glass/carbon composite trolling and chunking rod. With a
carbon core for strength, a S-2 glass center layer for forgiving durability, and a carbon Kevlar outer layer
for chip and fracture resistance.
The unlimited Century has the light tip of an 80# class blank but with a ton more lifting power for larger
fish in the bottom end. With the carbon recovery and the forgiveness of the glass, we produced a blank
with amazing bite detection, forgiveness, and recovery to keep up with the most erratic movement to
prevent slack in the line and hook pull.
The Unlimited makes a great giant tuna rod, green stick rod, and is a perfect rod for large species bill fish.

This rod is built to order with a typical lead time of 2 weeks.

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