Brella Box Umbrella Rig Storage Box - 5 Pack - Includes Strap

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Keep your investment safe, protected, tangle-free, and ready to fish
The patented design and rugged construction combine to create a simple and compact solution to the two most challenging dilemmas faced when using the 4-arm (+ type) umbrella rig
--storage and protection.

 The pizza box, the bucket, and the bag
Anyone who has ever fished an umbrella rig knows that they are pricey, and that keeping the lines tangle-free, the baits protected from dirt and color transfer, and having the rig ready to fish is a tall order. Until now, a good option for carrying your expensive rigs, fully loaded, tangle-free and ready to fish didn't exist.

​The "pizza box," "bucket," and "bag" allowed an umbrella rig to be loaded and carried but lacked any means to keep it from becoming entangled and offered no protection from the elements. The BrellaBox solves all of those problems and more. From its solid construction to its refined look, the BrellaBox will keep your sizable investment safe, clean and ready to fish.

​So save the pizza boxes for the pizza, the bucketes for the garden, and the bages for the groceries. Problem solved.

The BrellaBox isn't some flimsy, lightweight foreign-made "sandwich saver." Every BrellaBox is made from over two-and-a-half pounds of virgin plastic (never re-grinds) in Eldorado, Ohio, by some of the finest craftsmen and craftswomen in the industry. They have been in business forever, and settle for nothing less than perfection going out the door. We have been immensely blessed to have had the good fortune of finding them, and we are thrilled to have them making our one of a kind product. Their professional and perfectionist nature help to guarantee that you can purchase with utmost confidence and that you will be supremely pleased with your new BrellaBoxes. 

The BrellaBox is a super-strong behemoth capable of storing a monstrous, trophy sized umbrella rig up to 20" long! (The BrellaBox in the banner is loaded with a 20" rig with eight (8) 6" sassy shad, and a 4oz chaser with a 9" sassy shad and stinger!) An enormous rig and still room to spare. All neatly and safely stored in a BrellaBox that takes up just over 1.5 square feet—an incredible feat. The BrellaBox has been torture tested to withstand the rigors of fishing— the REAL rigors of fishing. It is an immensely solid, uniquely designed, superbly engineered, and flawlessly produced storage system.

While fisherman are finding that the 4-Arm umbrella rig is VERY effective in freshwater lakes, fishing for striped bass in tidal waters is by far the most popular use for it. Every saltwater fisherman soon learns that the fish are most active during the incoming and outgoing tides which lends itself to an even smaller window of opportunity.

​​That is where the BrellaBox shines. Being fully rigged and ready to deploy in seconds, the BrellaBox allows instant changes and corrections in color, size, weight, and depth. Simply choose your rig, open the top, clip-on the leader, and you are ready to fish your new rig.

Includes Strap that holds all 5 boxes together for easy transport

Just one tough and ready 2 to 5 will lock from 2-to-5 BrellaBoxes firmly and safely together for transport. The locking tabs on the boxes ensure that once the 2 to 5 is securely buckled around them, they are as secure as one.

No need to have different size straps when the heavy-duty 1.5” wide polypropylene 2 to 5 can be adjusted to secure your BrellaBox collection as it grows. The carefully thought out built-in carry handle is always in the right place, exactly where you want it.

Double sewn, heavy-duty upholstery thread at key stress points ensures a long life for the 2 to 5, and 12 great colors guarantee that there is a 225 for everyone. Built tough to withstand the rigors of everyday saltwater and freshwater fishing, the 2 to 5 has it all.

With the BrellaBox and the 2 to 5, you can be sure that your umbrella rigs are always LOCKED & LOADED!


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