Breezers Osprey Flying Fish Lure - Pink - Unrigged

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The Osprey Flying Fish Lure is a trolling lure designed to replicate the skipping action of a flying fish. Suspended from a fishing kite, the Osprey Flying Fish Lure skips across the water, triggering bites from big game fish.

The Osprey is constructed of durable, yet pliable, thermoplastic elastomer. The Osprey has 4 times the elongation strength and six times the tensile strength compared to other flying fish lures on the market. This lure can take abuse from the biggest, meanest fish in the ocean. 

How to rig:

Use a 5 foot/400-pound mono-filament leader, 2-ounce egg sinker at the nose, a 10/0 Owner Jobu hook at the midbody, belly hook port, and a 10/0 Owner Jobu hook at the tail.

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