Black Bart Tahitian Prowler - Glow/Green Chartreuse

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Tahitian Prowler will find favor with many trollers right off the git-go, all weather, all species, all tackle, cupped-jet through the nose all trolling speeds with a high hook up ratio. Rig 8/0 hookset, 200-300 lb leader, a hot rigger lure for all positions. Tahitian Prowlers are a mini clone of my world famous St. Thomas Prowler. All Prowler lures are steady but sparky swimmers, proven the world over.

Specifications: Hard Head
Skirted Weight: 4.5 oz / 127.5 grams
Head Length: 1.5" / 38.1 mm
Head Diameter: 1.2" / 30.4 mm
Skirted Length: 9” / 229mm
Leader: 200 to 300 lbs.
Bart Replacement Skirt Size: S3
Recommended Hook Size: 8/0

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