Black Bart Striper Candy Marlin Trolling Lure - Blue-Yellow/Green Chartreuse

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Striper Candy came about from many requests made to me to make a medium tackle lure for Stripe Marlin. One that can take weather, speed, work on all size boats, easy to fish with a good hook-up as Stripe Marlin can unhook themselves like a magician. I had to find just the right size, weight, action and attraction; Striper Candy is all of the above! I borrowed design concepts that are found in my lure models Marlin Candy and Grander Candy. Striper Candy comes from proven lines only it is sized down to do a specific job and from all reports coming back it seems the JOBS RIGHT! Troll this lure from riggers short or long, maintain good trolling speeds 8-12 knots, mix with compatible models which is easy when trolling B.B.L. Rig with 9/0 hookset, 300- 400 lb. leader, and line class 50-130 lb.

Hard Head 
Weight Skirted:7.7 oz / 218 grams 
Head Only Length: 1.75" / 44.5mm 
Head Diameter: 1.45" / 36.83 mm 
Skirted Length: 12" / 304 mm 
Leader: 300-400 lbs 
Bart Replacement Skirt: S5 
Recommended Hook Size 9/0

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