Black Bart Marlin Candy Lure - Black-Purple Split/Purple Fleck

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Flat nosed/taper bodied little brother to the Grander Candy. All weather, pros choice, tournament standard. S/F Revenge out of St. Thomas U.S.V.I. set a new Blue Marlin record using this lure: 10 Blue Marlin in one day! Use as a teaser or rig with 10/0 hooks. All weather champion---some call marlin candy the “General”, millions of tournament dollars have been credited to this classic rigger champion.

95.5 White /2017 WM Open/Team WireNut
1254 lb Blue Marlin: Azores S/F Habitat
1005.9 lb Team Predator Tobago "Record"
974.5 lb Blue Marlin, Wahau Bay NZ, Team Oscar

Specifications: Hard Head
Skirted Weight: 11 oz / 312 grams
Head Length: 2.3" / 58mm
Head Diameter: 1.9" / 48mm
Skirted Length: 15” / 381mm
Leader: 400 - 500 lbs.
Replacement Skirt Size: S6
Weight: 0.69 lbs


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