Black Bart Breakfast Teaser- Green Orange Tiger/Orange Tiger

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One of Bart's favorite creations, and yet another giant added to the range. Incorporating the success of the prowler series, it has two jet holes to create a massive smoke trail, this old timer is hot stuff, and always has been. A beautiful swimmer and deep diver will then explode on the surface with an action unmatched. Breakfast is as it states a meal for the taking, rig it for Bear, troll Breakfast flat either corner off the rod tip. Know that this lure is a serious attempt at heavy tackle big game fishing. The exciting movement and splash will make you think you are getting bites all day. Hook rig, nothing less than 12/0.

2013 Big Rock 1st Place Blue Marlin aboard Hatteras Fever II.


Specifications: Hard Head
Skirted Weight: 27 oz / 765 grams
Head Length: 4.5" / 114mm
Head Diameter: 2.8" / 71mm
Skirted Length: 19” / 483mm
Leader: 530 lbs. +
Replacement Skirt Size: S8
Recommended Hook Size: 12/0
Weight: 2.13 lbs




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