Black Bart Brazil ProJet Lure - Silver Black Tiger/Mackerel

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No one would ever dreamed of a jet like this one, it is the Mega Brother to the Pro Jet Line--Heavy line--Heavy--leader--Big Hook rig for a big Tu Tu (grandma in Hawaiian) You might want to try a full spread of the Black Bart Lure Weaponry Jets, go ahead I dare you, your not afraid, not yet you say, well then go for it, I know I can hardly wait to fish this dynamite, dynamic spread of Black Bart Killer Pro Jets. They come in all sizes, and fish all species in any kind of weather, from any size boat. Rig with 12/0 hookset. 

Grander Release Royal Charlotte Bank, Brazil: S/F Wahoo, Capt. Antonio "Tuba" Amaral.

Specifications: Hard Head 
Skirted Weight: 24 oz / 680 grams 
Head Length: 3.6" / 91mm 
Head Diameter: 2.4" / 61mm 
Skirted Length: 19” / 483mm 
Leader: 700 lbs. & up 
Replacement Skirt Size: S8 
Recommended Hook Size: 12/0

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