Black Bart Blue Marlin Lure Pack - Top Winning Lures in 2023

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We put together the top winning unrigged lures so far in 2023 that have been in the money in the early marlin tournaments on the east coast.

Here they are shown top to bottom in image.

1- Abaco Prowler - Black Purple Split/Purple Fleck

Cupped nose, large jets, all weather rigger favorite, the A.P. has won tournaments worldwide. Today it is one of our top sellers. This is a lure you can't afford not to have working in your pattern. Abaco Prowler is as good as it gets and my short outrigger favorite. The word is out already on this pure magic, high hook up ratio lure. Ask any pro, most will tell you that the Abaco Prowler Rules. Rig with 11/0 or 12/0 hooks.

2022 Bisbee 1st Place 461 lb S/F El Mexicano
1320 lb Blue Marlin Ascension S/F Harmattan
1209 lb Blue Marlin Mauritius for Richard Wooding
1192 lb Blue Marlin Ascension S/F Harmattan
1024 lb Blue Marlin in Cape Verde S/F Black Marlin
1000+lb Blue Marlin released Canary Islands S/F Noalex
649 lb Blue Marlin. 2016 Hatteras Open Team Cat Baby

2- Puerto Rico Prowler - Black/Pink

Cupped nose, large jets, all-weather, heavy tackle. A real Marlin lure, be it a tournament, or otherwise, the P.R.P. is a big Marlin magnet. Prowler---Big fish---Monster Fish, Puerto Rico Prowler does all that with a Latin Attitude, Closely akin to Grander Candy, used together as a team just makes good sense. Hot spread, you bet, make sure you have plenty of strong string on your reel, & don’t be in the head too long. Rig with 11/0 or 11/0 or 12/0 hookset, then get ready for some hot big fish action. I guarantee it.
1037 lb Cape Verde Blue Marlin S/F Black Marlin
3- St. Thomas Prowler - Blue/White
This lure was the first of the Prowler series. Success with this lure was overnight and led to the making of the other Prowler’s in this series of unique & advanced fish catchers. St. Thomas Prowler, Abaco Prowler, Oz Prowler, Puerto Rico Prowler, try all of these Prowler’s & find out why they are the pros choice. Cupped nose with large jets, make this lure the all weather, all tackle, all species pro. Choice rigger lure, high hook up ratio, straight runner. Rig with 9/0 hookset.
4- Grander Candy - Yellowfin Tuna Color

 "A real Calcutta buster," according to Black Bart, this all-weather lure, runs great in rough water. Its deep-running torpedo action has inspired countless blue marlin to strike...many over 1000lbs! Another Black Bart Lure was selected by Marlin Magazine as a top ten lure of all time. This lure is simply what it states a “Grander Candy” a monster fish magnet, a workhorse, truly a classic lure with an irrefutable image. Best rigged with 11/0 or 12/0 hooks.

2022 Big Rock Tournament Winner S/F Mercenaria
1234 lb Cape Verde Blue Marlin S/F Black Marlin
2018 Big Rock Tournament Winner S/F Honey Hush


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