Black Bart Ascension Projet Marlin Lure - Green-Orange Tiger/Orange-Yellow Tiger

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First came the Pro Jet, then the Super Pro Jet, these jets are now favorites to Pro & novice alike. Ascension Pro Jet is the super charged big brother, all weather, rigger special weapon #1 --you can't afford not to fish it, place it in your spread with confidence, and be the first to show off what Black Bart Lure Weaponry is all about. The Ascension Pro Jet is years ahead of its time, like all my pro jets they are Lure Weaponry at its finest! Best Rigged with 11/0 to 12/0 hookset.

1050+ Blue Marlin released La Gomera, S/F Noalex
2013 Japan Grander 1093 lbs aboard C/V Arimaru

Specifications: Hard Head
Skirted Weight: 16 oz / 454 grams
Head Length: 3.0" / 76mm
Head Diameter: 2.0" / 50mm
Skirted Length: 17” / 432mm
Leader: 500 - 600 lbs.
Replacement Skirt Size: S7
Recommended Hook 11/0
Weight: 1.00 lbs


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