Attwood White LED Micro Light w/Stainless Steel Bezel Vertical Mount

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White LED Micro Light with Stainless Steel Bezel & Vertical Mount

This Attwood LED Micro Light is a compact and versatile light source that can be installed in numerous locations. Each one delivers industry-leading light output from an extremely compact package. The electropolished stainless steel cover adds an appealing bright finish to a boat, and this light is durable with its fully sealed electronics. It will endure and perform in the harshest conditions, and it can be used in locations such as rod storage boxes without risk of water damage. It can also be mounted under a hardtop or to a rail. 


  •  0.66-watt draw at 12 volts DC
  • White LEDs
  • Rated for 50,000+ hours of use


  • Bulb Type: LED
  • LED Color: White

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