Attwood Rectangle 2-Pin Base f/Angled Pole - Zamak

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Rectangle 2-Pin Base for Angled Pole - Zamak

The swivel cover protects the socket when light is stowed away. The socket is keyed to prevent incorrect insertion of the pole light. Three countersunk holes for installation fasteners.


  •  Includes 7-1/2" hard wire leads for connection to 12V DC power supply
  • Contacts are nickel-plated to resist corrosion and multi-crimped for durability
  • Wire leads are tinned for corrosion-resistance
  • ZAMAK: Zinc Aluminum Magnesium and Copper (alloy)


  • Dimensions: (inch) 4" x 1-5/8". 1-3/8" dia. installation hole size

*Made for pole light

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