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Alltackle Kite Kit with 6 Kites

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This kit includes everything you need to kite fish.  3 types of Tigress Kites are included for most wind conditions.

This kit includes:

6 x Tigress Kites

2 x Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Electric Reels

2 x Star Kite Rods

1 x Tigress Kite Kit that includes: Box Includes:
-1 water resistant kite box
-2 Tigress Helium Balloons
-2 Kite Strings
-2 Rigging Needles
-20 Rigging Bands
-10 Beads
-6 Kite Line Markers-3 small and 3 medium
-10 small, 10 medium, 10 large & 10 snap swivels
-10 ¼ oz lead
-10 split shots
-2 each, small, medium and large hole kite clip

2 x Tigress Trident Rod Holders

1 x Tigress Kite Marking Tape

2 x Tigress Kite Line Kits includes: 250’ of 100lb Hi Vis Orange 8 strand braid, 3 release clips and swivels on reusable spool.

2 x Tigress O-Rings - rigged

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