Alltackle Dredge Kit Kristal XL 655 w/ Fish Razr Dredges

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Alltackle Dredge Kit Kristal XL 655 with Levelwind, Autostop, Programmable, Manual Override. Complete Double Dredge Kits to get fully rigged up for Marlin and Sailfish dead bait trolling. Designed to be rigged in the A-Frame configuration- this setup makes it easy to get the dredges out of the water when hooked up. This is the Pro's choice of marlin teaser dredge setups. Note: Please provide diameter of outriggers for the Rupp Teaser Clamps.


2 x Kristal Electric Reels XL655, Level Wind, Programmable w/ Auto Stop and Manual Override

2 x Kristal Female Receptacles 

2 x Crowder EDD130 Dredge Rods

2 x Jinkai 400lb Monofilament, 100yd Clear w/ Sleeves

4 x Rupp Dredge Clamps (we will need diameter of your outrigger poles)

6 x Harken Pulleys

2 x Dredge Weights 

2 x Fin Razr Squid/Flap Dredges 

8 x Heavy Duty Snap Swivels

Note:  Reels are available in 12V or 24V


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