Aftco Downrigger Release Clip

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Aftco Downrigger Release Clip - The DC-1 Downrigger release clip has the same features as the OC-1 (except the stainless bail is not gold titanium-nitride coated)- and should be attached directly to the cable above the downrigger ball. This is best accomplished by threading one side of the clip onto the cable- then placing a crimp on the cable before passing it through the remaining half of the DC-1. Once the cable has been termi-nated with the cannonball?s snap- the DC-1 can be positioned approximately one foot above the ball. The crimp should then be ?swaged? into place. Note that the DC-1 clip must be positioned with the adjustment-slider ?down? or towards the bail. The fishing line should be twisted 5 to 10 times before placing it over the release bail.

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