Aftco Circuit Breaker Ike Jime Navy

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Ike jime is central to Japanese standards for the highest quality seafood in the world. Scientifically proven to improve the smell, texture, and flavor of harvested fish, ike jime starts by spiking the fish’s brain and draining the fish’s blood. Paralyzing the fish by destroying the spinal cord (shinkei jime) elevates the quality further. Until now, professional ike jime tools have been unavailable in the West.

The Circuit Breaker is specially designed to destroy the full length of a fish’s spinal cord and paralyze the fish completely. The memory-resistant wire will not bend or kink even after repeated use. It is lightweight, portable, and single-stranded for easy sterilization. Available in a variety of gauges and lengths.

Fish Care has become increasingly important. At the end of the day, fish care is bringing you the freshest and highest quality fish to your dinner table. To learn more about Ike Jime and how to Ike Jime a fish, read our Complete Guide to Ike Jime.

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