3 Buoys Daytime Swordfish Leader 130lb Test, 150'

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Three Buoys Fishing Daytime Swordfish Leader is the highest quality wind-on leader available anywhere in the world. Each leader is hand crafted by Team Three Buoys with strict quality control by Seth Funt, Captain and owner of Team Three Buoys, one of Florida’s pioneers of Daytime Sword Fishing. Each leader is individually hand whipped to ensure the highest standard of quality is met. Each leader has over 200 stitches & features a “Rhys Weave” (this is a floss section made for the lead long-line clip to be attached to the leader which is braided with 3 stands of 50 pound wax line creating a durable connection that will take the abuse of rub friction drop after drop – setting this leader apart from the rest of the industry). Leaders are built 150 feet long. 

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