Lindgren Pitman Dredge Reel Electric Wiring Kit

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This electrical wiring kit will supply the parts needed for one electric dredge reel.


  • 20 feet of 8 Gauge Duplex Marine Wire
  • One 30 amp Swing Arm Circuit Breaker
  • One Hubbell 328DCR receptacle
  • One Hubbell HBL74CM25 Receptacle Cover Plate
  • One Hubbell HBL6083 Box
  • One UFC0003CR Strain Relief
  • Four Solder Lugs

Use a minimum of 8 gauge or heavier tinned wire between the battery and receptacle with a 30 amp resettable breaker or 50 amp slow blow fuse on the positive side as close to the battery as possible. A Hi-Amp Buss swing arm breaker with a manual trip push button is available from you local marine store or from Lindgren-Pitman. The red wire is the positive, the black is the negative. 

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT shorten the length of the reels cord – it will void the warranty. 
The reel will work with a standard lead acid marine duty deep cycle battery. To ensure you do not deplete the battery used to start your boat, the S-1200 should be powered from a separate accessory battery that can be switched via a battery switch.

Minimum Wire Sizes from Battery to Outlet:
0 to 10 feet - 8 AWG
10 to 20 feet - 6 AWG 
For runs greater than 20 feet please contact customer service to discuss your options.