Daiwa Steez SV TWS


To accommodate the smaller sized spools, downsized TWS components are installed to reduce the weight and overall profile.

Specially developed material is applied to the induct rotor, which is exposed out from the spool when rotating at high speed. As the spool slows, the induct rotor moves back towards the magnetic field which brakes the spool according to the weights of different types of lures.

G1 Duralumin is 1.3 times stronger than standard aircraft grade aluminum, and 2 times stronger than magnesium. With precision machining, this dramatically reduces the weight of spool yet maintaining proper strength without drilling holes on the spool.

G1 Duralumin, one of the key elements of DAIWA Technology used on DAIWA baitcasting reel spools, is now being applied to the Drive Gear. This material can be machined to a oversized diameter with increased durability and long lasting smooth rotation.