Fin-Nor Santiago



True Big Game Power To Tame The Ocean

You don't name a product Santiago, and fill the biggest shoes in the Fin-Nor product line of lever drag reels without being totally ready. It is with total respect for the history, traditions and excellence of the Fin-Nor brand, and with the greatest appreciation for the role that Fin-Nor trolling reels played in writing the history of big game fishing, that we took time and diligence to the extreme in designing Santiago.

The flagship of the brand, the Fin-Nor Santiago is a bold testament to modern technology's greatest advances in fishing reel materials and design. Perfectly sized for the technical skills of today's big game angler, Santiago features a solid one-piece, fully-machined aluminum frame and one-piece spool, supported by a machined stainless steel center shaft turning on four ultra-smooth, and ultra-strong, ceramic/stainless hybrid ball bearings.

The Fin-Nor Santiago's drag system, which includes a huge stainless steel drag plate, allows you to customize and fine-tune your settings to your type of fishing. The drag lever reel offers a wide range of drag, activating at the "Strike" position, with additional power available up to the "Full" setting. Plus, a simple push of a button puts the reel in to its powerful low gear when you need it, and an easy turn of a dial lets you switch back to high speed to pick up line.

• Full-machined one-piece aluminum frame
Massive stainless steel drag plate
• Forged aluminum spool
• 4 ceramic hybrid ball bearings for support and strength
• Push-button and dial-release two speed shift system
Classic Fin-Nor gold anodized corrosion-resistant finish



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