Cracker Cast Nets

cracker cast nets

The fishermen of the Calusa Trading Company set the benchmark for quality and cost in the high-end "custom" cast net market. Since then, fishermen from all over the country have asked for Calusa quality in a net of lower cost. The Calusa Trading Company has set yet another benchmark with the Cracker™ line of affordable cast nets. Cracker™ Cast Nets were developed using the same quality and design standards for which Calusa Trading Company is known. They throw easily, lie flat and sink fast. They were designed by fishermen for fishermen with one goal in mind - to catch more bait. Cracker™ Cast Nets are handmade with six panel construction and weigh 1.5 pounds per foot, terms that were formerly associated with high-end custom cast nets. One look at the sticker and you'll love the price; one throw and you'll know the quality.



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