Black Bart Puerto Rico Prowler


Cupped nose, large jets, all weather, heavy tackle. A real Marlin lure, be it at tournament, or otherwise, the P.R.P. is a big Marlin magnet. Prowler---Big fish---Monster Fish, Puerto Rico Prowler does all that with a Latin Attitude, Closely akin to Grander Candy, used together as a team just makes good sense. Hot spread, you bet, make sure you have plenty strong string on your reel, & don’t be in the head too long. Rig with 12/0 hooks, then get ready for some hot big fish action. I guarantee it. 

Specifications: Hard Head 
Skirted Weight: 18 oz / 510 grams 
Head Length: 2.4" / 61mm 
Head Diameter: 2.4" / 61mm 
Skirted Length: 17.5” / 445mm 
Leader: 600 - 900 lbs. 
Replacement Skirt Size: S7 
Recommended Hook Size: 11/0