Black Bart Puerto Super Plunger Yellowfin Tuna

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The Super Plunger can be used in any position, but is most often run on the short flat line. The Black Bart Super Plunger has been modified to even excel when trolled from the rigger positions. Its aggressive behavior makes it an excellent teaser; Marlin Magazine named my Super Plunger in the top 10 lures of all time. My tackle box always has a few in it. Truly a classic lure & yes, I guarantee it. Rig it with 11/0 to 12/0 hook set and hold on! 

1000+ Blue Marlin released El Salvador, S/F Sandy-ita.

Specifications: Hard Head 
Skirted Weight: 18 oz / 510 grams 
Head Length: 3.7" / 94mm 
Head Diameter: 1.9" / 48mm 
Skirted Length: 17.5” / 445mm 
Leader: 500 - 900 lbs. 
Replacement Skirt Size: S7 
Recommended Hook 11/0 or 12/0

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