Aftco Maxforce Harness 1XH

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The Maxforce XH, the newest addition to the line of AFTCO Maxforce harnesses, is 20% larger than the Maxforce I and will accommodate waist sizes up to 28"-50" plus inches. Extra Thick Closed Cell Bio Foam Padding throughout provides unmatched comfort and support. Wider spread between the "removable" lumbar and seat pads, plus the ultra heavy nylon web, double box-stitched waterproof Lycra polyester cover and the liner is made from synthetic terry cloth, which wicks moisture and has enough "tooth" to keep the harness from slipping. Included is a mesh bag with grommets for rinsing the harness with fresh water and easy storage and is completely synthetic and machine washable.

  • 20% Larger than Maxforce I
  • Fits waist sizes 20"-50" Plus
  • Closed Cell Bio Foam Padding
  • Removable lumbar and synthetic terry cloth liner
  • Double box - stitched waterproof Lycra Polyester Cover
  • Safety Handle
  • Machine washable
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