Tigress Track® Telescoping Outrigger Poles 18' 1-1/2 SB

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Tigress Track®  New Patented Telescoping Outriggers are now available in 3 popular sizes and colors. Features our new internal track system. Always lined up to never miss the hole! Easier deployment and retraction! The outrigger also features on site repairability should it be required. Now available in 15'- 15' HD and 18' HD models and constructed of cold drawn aluminum anodized inside and out for overall durability and looks. Features cold drawn aluminum construction stainless steel eye guides- stainless steel snap buttons and anodized aluminum trim rings. Each pair of poles includes a handy heavy duty mesh storage bag to protect the poles from scratching when stored. Available in black with gold trim rings- silver with black trim rings and blue with gold trim rings.

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