Shimano Sustain Spinning Reel SA4000XGFI

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Shimano Sustain FI Key Features

HAGANE Gear - Refined and precise, the cold-forged HAGANE Gear is the pinnacle of Shimano’s metalworking experience.  In order to give you the same exquisite feeling every time, we had to ensure that the gear of the Sustain FI will be as strong and durable as possible.

HAGANE Body - The HAGANE Body of the Sustain FI is both metal and rigid. This virtually eliminates body flexing, ensuring that the force you are putting into your reel is efficiently transformed into pure cranking power.

X-SHIP - We needed the internals of the Sustain FI to stay precisely aligned to provide you with a consistent experience.  X-SHIP supports the pinion gear on both ends with bearings to keep it aligned with the drive gear. Along with keeping the reel consistent, this technology makes the reel even more durable.

MagnumLite (MGL) Rotor - The new MagnumLite Rotor featured in the Sustain FI nearly eliminates the need for startup inertia.  We have worked to make the resistance felt when beginning to reel negligible, and this is the result.  Effortlessly initiate your retrieve with the Sustain FI.

X Protect - By combining our proven Core Protect water-repellant coating and our specially designed, water channeling, labyrinth construction, we have created high-level water resistance that doesn’t sacrifice reel performance. 

Cross Carbon Drag - Allowing for more drag settings and our smoothest drag performance ever, Cross Carbon Drag is crucial feature of the new Sustain FI.

G Free Body - The Sustain FI’s center of gravity is closer to your hand in order to give you more control and decrease overall fatigue over long casting sessions.


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