Fin-Nor Lethal Lever Drag



High Performance, Low Price

Fin-Nor's Lethal leverdrag poudly offers a better value to serious anglers. Super-tuned with hybrid ceramic bearings on the spool, Lethal leverdrag reels will cast live bait with ease but will still handle the ultra-high loading required to bottom fish. Fin-Nor's exclusive carbon fiber MegaDrag™ system complete with Cal's grease provides a super smooth startup drag and can still put major heat on a fish with its two-stage drag profile when needed.

• Solid one-piece aluminum frame and side covers
• Heavy-duty MegaDrag™ with carbon fiber washers
• Super-tuned spool with durable hybrid ceramic bearings
• MegaLock™ anti-reverse with pawl and ratchet backup
• MegaShield™ multi-layer corrosion protection
• 6 Double-shielded stainless steel bearings