Release Marine Fighting Chair - Classic Teak Tuna

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Crafted with exquisite workmanship, each Release Marine Fighting Chair is designed to be the center of attention of the cockpit in beauty, durability and performance. Release Marine has revolutionized the fighting chair industry with innovative developments like the exclusive, patented quick-change footrest bracket and ergonomic footrest with 'no screw' struts, that lessen lower leg tension and enhance fighting endurance. The "Quick-Change Gimbal Cup" can be raised or lowered with ease during the fight with just a squeeze of the actuator rods, so there's no fumbling with loose pins.

Classic Teak Tuna:

  • 316 Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Classic Style Designed Rocket Launcher
  • Bait Tray with cup holders and White Non-Skid - Clear Non-Skid Available as Upgrade
  • Starboard Tackle Drawer with Teak Face
  • 4" No-Bolt Stainless Steel Straight Pedestal with Bellhousing
  • Ertalyte Spindle
  • Quick Change Gimbal Cup
  • Anodized Aluminum Footrest Legs - Stainless Steel Upgrade
  • (4) Stainless Steel Striking Rod Cups

Offset Base advantages:

  • Butterfly brake is more effective so you can make minor adjustments with your feet.
  • Tighter tolerance means offsets swing freely and won’t lock up.
  • Upper thrust ball handles load.
  • Available options: conventional, reverse or mechanized lateral offsets
  • Stainless Steel Ertalyte Spindle
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