MagBay Lures High Speed Wahoo Lure – El Sincero - 32oz - IR Red

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Rigged El Sincero Wahoo Lure with Custom Head Rattle

El Sincero is an amazing fishing lure with great innovation.  We offer multi color options, and our lures are constructed of stainless steel with our advanced easy to use skirting mechanism. These high speed wahoo lures are sure to put fish in the box!

El Sincero Lure

If you have used these style lures for Big Wahoo in the past, you need to try the Sincero series Wahoo Lures. These things rattle and shake and drive the Wahoo to strike.  These are not Cowbell Lures, which is a trademarked name by Ballyhood Topgun Lures, they are MagBay el Sincero Lures.

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